Kiesha Davis

Kiesha is our expert women's wellness provider and doula. Her intention as your instructor is to educate and support you in your journey to help build your confidence and remove fear of giving birth. Her heart's desire is to cultivate a space for mama’s to become as healthy as they can be through individualized holistic care.

Consultation Description:

Finding out you are going to be a mother or parent can be a time filled with joy, excitement, fear, wonder, and host of other emotions. As you begin your pregnancy and postpartum journey, we want to come alongside you as a support. Kiesha, our doula/certified midwife-assistant, and women's wellness practitioner provides free 30 minute-consultations (individual or couple) for expectant parents. Within the consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet Kiesha and collaboratively discuss your current interests and needs.  

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